Crossing the Arabian sea - The movie

Who knew we would end up in a cruise ship for the most difficult part of our adventure! Crossing the Arabian sea had been a challenge from the beginning of our trip. Our plan to take a cargo ship had been countered by Indian immigration. We were stucked in India. Then we discovered Costa​ Cruises was shipping back one ship from India to Europe, an itinerary that it does only once a year! We only had to wait two weeks in Mumbai and we would be able to cruise on board this ship! From our Indian way of life in popular neighborhoods to the abundance of food, fresh towels and lobsters-like retired people burning under the sun, you guess we were a bit confused… But anyway we had fun, like in a big fat dream…

Here is our teaser before you read the rest of our adventures!

Backpackers Cruising – Episode 11 WMYHT from Marine & Alex

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