We're back!

What?! More than one year since our last article on the blog!!? Well, we are sorry! The year has passed very quickly even if we have taken advantage from every moment of it. We relocated to our beautiful France and the capital seemed an exciting playground to us to rediscover French life. After exactly 12 months we are delighted! And to those who ask us how was the return, “if the return to reality” was not too difficult, we answer that we do not have in our heads the notion of return to reality. Because our great trip was not a parenthesis in our lives, it was an integral part of the way to build our life! We left Singapore, we traveled 39,800 kilometers by bus, train, motorcycle, on foot, by boat, and back in France we continue to travel, to draw paths in our neighborhood, in our city, in Europe. Last Spetember, we went for a train-trip between Paris, Prague, Vienna and Munich, 10 days without plane, in backpack, with the same sensations of freedom. At the beginning of April, we went to Amsterdam by train for 4 days. Do you get it? Being back in France is synonym for us of travelling without taking any airplane… more than ever!

Even if initially, when we left Singapore in 2016, not taking any airplane was a challenge by itself and had no environment-friendly objective, since our return we are convinced that taking airplanes is a nonsense for the individual carbon footprint. We realized that flying makes our planet sick. A single round trip Paris-Singapore by plane is equivalent to the emission of CO2 of one French people over a whole year! No flight is no longer just a crazy personal challenge, it is a global challenge in which everyone must take part in order to save our planet. Our goal now on this blog is to inspire your travels without airplane, to show you that the plane should not be a reflex when you want to travel, whether in a weekend or on a world tour, and to inspire you beautiful adventures and beautiful encounters without any airplane.

Don’t worry, the missing parts of our great adventure from Singapore to France will come bit by bit. New stories of our trips in Europe and further will also come!
And to start and celebrate our return on the blog, here is our latest video about Iran by bus and train : https://www.whatmadeyouhappytoday.com/2019/04/28/iran/

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