Pakistan - The movie

When in China, beginning of November, we realized the landborder between Tibet and Nepal was permanently closed. It was a big frustration for us! This part of the trip was the first one we dreamt of 5 years ago (especially it was Alex’s obsession to cross the Himalayas by land).

Then our only way to go from China to India without taking any airplane was to go through North Pakistan. This subject lead to heated debates! Pakistan doesn’t have good press and a part of us was afraid to go there. But as you read our articles in this blog, you guessed that the reality is so different from what the medias show! We were treated like family, pampered and loved! Now it’s time for you to live this with us in our short movie 😉

In Love with Pakistan – Episode 9 WMYHT from Marine & Alex

If you haven’t watched our previous videos yet, we added all of them in a new page on the blog: Enjoy!

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