Inspiring: What Makes a Good Life

The video we want to show you today is actually in the continuity of our decision to go back to France to spend Christmas with our families and friends. In this video, Robert Waldinger shows the result of a great Harvard study that lasted 70 years and followed about 700 people in their lives. This study aimed at answering the question of What Makes a Good Life?… So what is your guess? 😉

The study showed without any doubt that good relationships keep us happier and healthier. And by “good”, it shows that it is not the number of friends you have, but the quality that matters. And it also shows that in terms of health, good relationships do not just protect our bodies, they protect our brains!

This is the first time that such study was made, and even if we know we need good relationships, such close link with happiness and health shows us where we need to focus our lives on!

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