Bangkok - August 15th to 18th 2016

We arrived in Bangkok with our motorbike, in the middle of traffic jams, experiencing the worst aspect of the city! Hopefully, we also met Mod who hosted us for a few days in her house in Sukhumvit area.

Staying with Mod and her family (and Jenny the cat!) was the best experience we could ever have in Bangkok! We got immersed in Thai daily life. We talked with Mod about happiness at work (article coming soon) and tried with her the best Tom Yam Soup at a night market next to her home. With her brother Direk and his girlfriend Mind we talked about food and movies. With her parents Dusit and Sukunya we talked a lot about Thailand, France… We showed them our hometowns on Google Street view, and also cooked some French dishes! They made us try the bamboo soup, very good fruits (longan, pineapple), and a delicious dish homemade by Sukunya of shredded fish, garlic, onions and chillies. Aroy ma! (which means “delicious” in Thai)

Bamboo soup for lunch!

We also cooked to them: pasta with chicken and « ratatouille » (garlic, onions, tomatoes, zucchini and capsicum cooked slowly), « compote » (apples cooked with cinnamon). And we teached them how to cook pizzas, and finally a banana and chocolate cake that is cooked in the microwave. They loved it!

So in this article you will not find any picture of Bangkok monuments (that we already visited during a weekend last year) but happy pictures of the amazing family we have met!

Pizza for dinner!
DSC_2418.JPG DSC_2435.JPG DSC_2445.JPG

We also managed to sell our little red motorbike at the same price we bought it. Less the few improvements we have made, it comes to a transportation expense of 2300 THB (70 USD) for two for 3 weeks and 1400 km which is not too bad.

Our visa was expiring so we could not stay more, but our stay in Bangkok was great thanks to Mod’s family, we had so much fun together and such inspiring chats!

Last picture at 6am (!)

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