Trang - July 29th 2016

We arrived in Trang under the rain, totally wet and with no accomodation, and almost 6 hours after we left Hat Yai, due to the several breaks we had to make because of the rain. We stepped in Yamawa Guesthouse and we were so nicely welcomed that we forgot everything about our rainy day.

Trang is a quite small city of 60 000 inhabitants, on the West coast of South Thailand. We did not know about it before searching for a place to stop for the night on our way to Krabi. And actually we found in Trang a great place to experience Thai life for a few hours. We struggled to find a place to dine at 8pm because everything was closed. We ended up in the only open restaurant and we had a laughter with the waiters because they were not speaking English and took the drink from the table of another customer to show us what it was. The restaurant was happily running and the waiters were having fun.

The day after, before leaving to Krabi, we went to the market to have breakfast and we were so well received by the people. It was easy to make eye contact and smile. We did not see any other tourists during our stay in Trang, and maybe people do not see so much Western tourists, because they looked curious about us. Our guesthouse manager was so lovely he took care about our motobike, inviting us to go to a shop to monitor our tyres and our motorcycle chain. His wife gave us some drinks for the way when we left for Krabi, as parents would have cared for their children. This has really touched us!

When reading a local guidebook available at the guesthouse, we discovered that Trang is called the « City of Happiness »!! because the people living there are known to be generous and friendly… We totally confirm this!

Pictures are better than words here to show you the lovely people from Trang:

DSC_1194.JPG DSC_1196.JPG DSC_1191.JPG DSC_1189.JPG

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