Pulau Kapas - July 14th to 17th 2016


What a pleasure to get up every morning, watch the blue sky and white sand, and have the freedom to say “why don’t we stay one more day?” !
We arrived at Pulau Kapas in the morning of July 14, not knowing what to expect… Pulau Kapas is a tiny island South of the Perhentians islands on the east coast of Malaysia. We finally arrived to this little paradise after 6 hours of night bus from Kuala Lumpur and 15 minutes boat ride from Marang. The beach of white sand, turquoise water, the atmosphere very cool make you want to stay there forever! This is exactly what we needed!

Actually we were very happy doing couchsurfing for the two first steps of our trip, Malacca and Kuala Lumpur. For those who do not know about it, basically couchsurfing is a website that connects travellers looking for a place to stay and locals looking to host travellers and offering them a free couch. Actually it is much more than that because it is a great way to get connected with local people and places you visit. Hosts do it to learn about different cultures and travel stories of the people they host, and travellers look for this amazing way to have a good insight of the places they go and culture. Couchsurfing gives a much more personal dimension to the relationship you may have with a country and its people. So we met two amazing people in Malacca and Kuala Lumpur, but we have to stay that sometimes it was too intense for us… Why? Because we are not used to hang out so much with people! When you are hosted by someone, you share their life, you adapt to their habits, and for us we realized after a few days that we were tired of not being just the two of us together. Don’t get us wrong, we loved to meet these people and we will carry on doing a lot of couchsurfing if we can, but we will give ourselves also some time to stay in a hostel and see couchsurfers only for lunch or dinner, not the whole day. It demands us a lot energy! This is also linked with our personality… There are two types of people : after a tiring day, some people regenerate themselves by seeing other people, and some (like us) regenerate themselves by going back home and enjoy a quiet environment. So we encourage you to ask yourself this question : when I’m tired, do I want to see some people or do I want to stay alone? You will have a first clue on what your personality is, and if you stay tuned on this blog we will carry on talking about this during future articles!

But let’s go back to the white sand of Pulau Kapas. We stayed at Ombak Beach Chalets in a very basic room that looked a bit like a prison and costed 60 RM (15 USD), but during the day we chose to settle in the restaurant of Kapas Beach Chalet (KBC) where the atmosphere was very relaxed. And besides, their roti canai, their pancakes and their Oreo shakes were delicious! We spent our days reading, relaxing, and working with our feet in the sand! This gave Alex some time to work, and for me to write blog articles on hold and to start the video of Singapore!

Happily Ever After Starts Here, what a good sign for a restaurant to welcome their customers!

Yellow stairs running around the island


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