A New Start

Déjà vu? It looks like we gave this title “A new start” in our blog post when departing to Singapore two and a half years ago. We had just been getting married and I had just resigned. We were leaving France, looking for discovering new things and experiencing Asian life in this city of Singapore that had made us dream for so long. We were not disappointed, our experience in Singapore was amazing!! It was culturally, socially … but not so much professionally. Alex’s first mission which gave us the chance to come here proved without perspective, the one I found after six months of unemployment proved interesting but frustrating because of a company culture with a mold I did not fit in. Maybe was it a more entrepreneurial spirit that we missed?

Anyway, after two and a half years, we realized that it was time to press the reset button and start a new adventure. So in one month (July 2016) we will make our first steps of the Great Journey we have been dreaming for four years, travelling through South East Asia, China, India, the Middle East and Europe!

Singapore has been a true home for us and this city will remain forever engraved in our heart. We hope to come back at the end of our trip, but it cannot be sure as it is increasingly difficult to find a job out there. Whatever our future with Singapore is, we leave full of wonderful memories, encounters, colors and emotions. We have met again longtime friends, discovered new ones, been disappointed too. We had the impression of having a condensed life so rich in those years, and even if everything was not always bright, we know we leave behind people who wait for our return and whom we look forward to seeing again!

This is also a turning point for our blog that changes layout, address, and will now be in English (and some French if you insist;). Initially, we had created the blog to give some news to our families and friends away in France. Today it is also for all the ones we have met in Singapore… but also on our way. During this trip, we have also decided to follow a guiding thread: the pursuit of happiness at work. Our professional frustrations push us to know more about what motivates happiness at work, and we want to share it with those we meet on our way.

With this trip, we look for answers and new encounters, but also new emotions and new ways to break beyond ourselves. When I said that we were going for this trip, someone said “I’d never be able to do that” and I replied “that’s exactly because I feel I cannot do it that I do it!”. Going out of your comfort zone, this is the best way to feel alive!
It is this force that fills your chest when you have walked six hours to reach a moutain summit, this heat when you come to do something you were afraid to, this excitement to know that the unknown is now known, this happiness to make your craziest dreams come true!

So stay tuned, share with all your friends and we hope to hear from you soon!

2 thoughts on “A New Start

  1. Une idee GE-NIA-LI-SSIME !
    Je vous souhaite une superbe aventure remplie de belles rencontres, de moments forts plein d emotions, de profiter de chaque moment, mais aussi de trouver la (les) réponse(s) au bonheur 🙂
    Hâte de vous suivre et partager cette expérience avec vous.
    Marine, Alex, je suis trés fière de vous. Vraiment. ( <3 )

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